December 1, 2022

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” Luke 12:25 (NIV)


Have you heard of Kyle MacDonald?

In 2005, Mr. MacDonald traded a red paper clip for a fish-shaped pen, which he then exchanged on the same day for a doorknob. He bartered that for a camp stove. Believe it or not, he swapped the stove for a generator, and that for an “instant party” deal. This he negotiated for a snowmobile, which in turn he replaced for a trip to British Columbia. The following transaction got him a box truck, which bought him a recording contract. The contract made its way in trade for a year’s rent in Phoenix. This morphed into one afternoon with Alice Cooper, followed by a trade for a popular rock band’s motorized snow globe. Corbin Bernsen replaced MacDonald’s snow globe for a role in a film. Lastly, MacDonald traded the movie role for a two-story farmhouse.

What does all this have to do with this devotional blog?

The answer is . . . this man sowed seeds of currency.

You, too, can sow these seeds. But rather than using tangible items for trade, how about cashing in something you don’t want to hang onto anyway?

Such as worry.

It is something you have from time to time. It does you no good. In fact, it costs you plenty—your joy, peace, and hope.

Currency Value—

But worry does have currency value, in that when you hand it over to the Lord, you can ask Him to take it in trade for something better. God wants to bless you with good things. The thing is, you have to relinquish your worry to Him. If you give worry away, then take it back, it still belongs to you.

If Kyle MacDonald had taken back the paper clip, he never would have ended up with a house. What a trade up!

Grappling with an Issue—

Recently, I have been wrestling with a matter, during which struggle I ended up feeling anxious, frustrated, and a bit depressed. As I penned this blog, I figured I’d better put my money where my mouth is. So, I wrote out a list of my negative emotions. Then I visualized handing them one by one to God. I thanked Him for taking them from me and replacing them with trust in Him and peace.

As you may have already deduced, it wasn’t that simple. Yes, my mind kept returning to the difficult situation I was in. So, I replaced those thoughts with memorized Bible verses. I sang uplifting songs. These actions were instrumental in keeping me from yanking back what I had traded in.

The Lord Blesses—Again and Again

Soon, the peace the Lord had blessed me with returned. In order to do my part when I meet the next stressful situation, I will plan ahead how to head worries, anxieties, dread, etc. off at the pass, so they can’t return to ambush me after God has taken them in trade.

What do you have to trade in? Whatever it is, assuredly you will end up with something much better than Kyle MacDonald’s physical house. For the house God builds for you holds treasures beyond your expectations and imagination. The key to gaining access to this lies within your grasp: Take hold of Jesus’ hand and accept Him into your life. God will unlock blessings for you beyond measure.

Many blessings to you as you continue to grow and trust in the greatest Redeemer of all.