October 1, 2022

“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Matthew 19:26

A daunting dilemma . . .

My husband and I hotfooted it off the cruise ship and fairly skipped to shore, ready to experience the small island. Upon entering the village, Bob, being a history buff, spotted a museum he wanted to visit. I preferred adventure, so I bid him goodbye and set off to explore the area. A tiny, rickety kiosk, promising a tour to a palace on the coastal shore, drew my attention. As I attempted to gain information from the person manning the window, I couldn’t quite make out everything, as I didn’t speak the native language. I asked for a ticket anyway and was surprised when the person wouldn’t take my money. I finally figured out I was to pay when I got back. Eventually, after much finger pointing, I understood I was to wait “over there.”

Finally, the “bus” arrived. I climbed into the back of a much-in-need-of-repair van. Three rows of locals (I assumed so because they talked with one another) sat in front of me. Off we went through the town. Occasionally the driver stopped suddenly in the middle of the road. One or two individuals would emerge from somewhere and hop on board. This routine continued even after we were well into the countryside.

I looked at my watch. I was supposed to meet Bob within two hours of my leaving him at the museum. Thirty minutes had already passed and I could see nary a hint of the coastline. More time ticked off the clock when the driver swerved to the side of the road and pointed at a villa. I understood him to tell me this was my stop.

“How will I get back?” I asked.

In broken English he said I was to stand by the side of the road and someone would stop to pick me up.

Okay, so this plan sounded less than desirable. I shook my head and made him understand I had changed my mind and wanted to return to town. He ground into gear and took off. On and on through the country we went. My nerves fired uh oh. Alarm bells blasted in my head and beat at my chest.

How was it possible for me to get back to town before the ship sailed? I prayed my guts out. Please, God, find a way to get me there. On time.

The van continued further and further in the opposite direction of the ship.

Much, much time later, the driver stuck his arm out the window and waved at an oncoming vehicle. Both stopped in the middle of the road. My driver said something to the other guy. Each motioned for me to get out and get in the other van. I did and tried to pay the first driver. He waved me off and pointed to the other fellow.

Yikes! More prayers. And much more time rumbling through the countryside. My time was drawing short—I imagined in more ways than one. This impossible situation had me near tears. And I hoped I had enough money to pay for all this sightseeing through a smudged window.

At last I recognized familiar territory. Whew. The bus rumbled to a stop beside the kiosk where I’d started this hoped-for adventure. I gathered up all the bills I had in my purse and handed them to the driver. When he only took a small amount, I insisted he take more. He was having none of it and drove off.

Quickly, I hurried on shaky legs to meet Bob. As he spied me, he glanced at his watch and said, “You had one more minute before I was going back to the ship. Where have you been?” I will let you imagine the tone in his voice.

With God All Things Are Possible!

I share this one incident—where I made a stupid and scary decision—to state unequivocally that with God all things are possible. Where there seemed to be no way, God made a way. Not for one minute during my ordeal did He leave me. And He put me in the hands of people who would not harm me, but rather take good care of me.

Some might argue that things worked out because of coincidence, and that God hadn’t actually answered my prayers—that the drivers’ schedules were already established. God isn’t bound by time, so He knew all the way ahead of time of my predicament and the prayers I would be launching upward. So, just for a moment, if you are one who believes in coincidence, I would ask you to consider:

Coincidence is nothing more nor nothing less than God at work.”

Are you in a situation where a solution appears impossible? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Is a relationship going south, and on the face of it, unsalvageable? Are you suffering from a health issue?

With God, finding a solution to each of these is possible.

Now, that doesn’t mean if you ask Him to solve your problem, He will presto-whamo fix it. But He will help you find ways to endure, to gain strength, to find joy in the midst of your troubles, to let go and let Him help you. Eventually, you will come to the other side of this seemingly no-way-out-island. You are not abandoned—never alone.

With God, the possibilities are endless.

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord for your creative ways to help me. Open my eyes to see the wonder of your works in my life.

Thought for the Day:  “Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys.”—Emma Bull


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