Whether you are twelve, a mom, a grandma, or any age in between, In BeTWEEN TROUBLE will have you scratching or shaking your head, but mostly it will have you laughing out loud.

Janie Mulvaney is trapped between kid-and-teenage-hood. She is in between, sentenced to twelve for life. Troubles pounce on her from every direction. Her Highness, older sister Elizabeth, treats Janie like a peon. Mom and Dad refuse to let her get a cell phone. Uncle Alvin embarrasses her in front of her friends. Even Grandma, Janie’s best cheerleader, calls her Bumble Cheeks. To make matters worse, whenever Janie tries to do something right—such as earn money—things backfire and she ends up owing a doink-load. Luckily, Janie has a quirky sense of humor and wacky perspective to help her zigzag through this tween trap. 

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Mary has a bright and engaging writing style that draws readers into the content of “Run in the Path of Peace”. Sally E. Stuart, Author, Christian Writers’ Market Guide.

I read Mary Stone’s book, “Run in the Path of Peace: The Secret of Being Content No Matter What” when I was served divorce papers after 35 years of marriage back in 2013. Mary’s book was a turning point for finding peace and contentment and my biggest takeaway from reading it was to give thanks for those painful situations and try to find the silver lining in them. I do believe that attitude of gratitude was a turning point in my healing and restoration when, in giving thanks, I realized it was God’s provision for me and not a punishment. ~ Mindy East, Baron Ridge Speakers Agency

Meet the annoying, the awesome, and the awful in your life with peace! If you identify with even one of the following: You … Live in the present pain of past hurts …Struggle with sandpaper relationships …Stress over bills or never-ending chores …Wrestle with “letting go and letting God” …Want to forgive someone but can’t embrace the freedom of it … or …Feel overwhelmed by current circumstances of Titanic proportions …then equip and empower yourself with the knowledge and techniques in this book.

This book offers not just a temporary fix, but life-changing results. Stories of women who conquer adversity will amaze and inspire you. The author’s personal experiences impart insight and will launch you into laughter. Step into contentment regardless of your circumstances, past or present. Mary Stone speaks from her experiences as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, her many years as a college Counselor, and her life in Christ regarding blessings awaiting those who apply the book’s biblical and counseling principles.

Welcome to the Path of Peace … Enjoy the journey!

Want a quick romance read that will tingle your toes, make you say ‘ahh…,’ and cause your heart to sing? Mary includes one fictional short story in this anthology of romantic stories that warm the heart. I Choose You is a compilation of the best-of-the-best romance short stories from across the globe.

Fall in love all over again or for the first time on a park bench, with a German POW, at a lighthouse, through FaceBook, in the town of Eden, at a car repair shop, at Villa Veronica, while dancing in the moonlight, and so many more surprising places. Experience the mystery, the warmth, the laughter, the sweetness of love. The kind of love that says “I will…as long as we both shall live.”

Don’t miss these romantic short-stories compiled by Jennifer Wessner/Ramona Tucker and contributed by Susan M Baganz, Christina Ryan Claypool, Mary Cantell, Elaine Marie Cooper, JoAnn Durgin, Gail Kittleson, Jude Urabanski, Carole Towriss, Davalynn Spencer, Candice Sue Patterson, Connie Mann and many more.